FAQ– Frequently Asked Questions

If install this on back of my phone case how does this affect Wireless Charging?

For the phone cases that have the round Apple Magsafe® – it
will surely interfere.  One work around is for you to remove the phone case that has the phone grip installed on it and then directly charge phone on wireless charger.  For Android phones - If you are using a well powered flat wireless charger then you should be able to get a charge if you remove the strap or adjust strap so you have better contact with the charger.  Keep in mind that fastest charge is still via wire. 

Why do you recommend installing Wonder Grip® on phone case rather than directly on the phone?

We recommend installing Wonder Grip® directly on phone case rather than phone because many phones have adhesive resistant backs and the adhesive won’t stick to those backs securely. We also think your phone is an investment worth protecting with a phone case and also definitely worth adding a Wonder Grip for added versatility and keeping your device secure.

Will Wonder Grip® stick to silicone cases – if not – then what kind will it stick to?

No - it will not stick to silicone cases or any surface that is adhesive resistant. It will stick to most phone cases that are made of hard plastic, polycarbonate, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which covers the majority of phone cases on the market.

How do remove the Wonder Grip® Base from my phone case? 

Please see “HOW IT WORKS” section of website with subheading “HOW TO REMOVE BASE”.